Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Not Too New Low for Liberals

Over at Mike's America we learn that the MSM is now digging dirt on Supreme Court Justice nominee John Roberts by researching the adoption records of his children, four-year-old Jack and five-year-old Josie.

Guess who is doing it? Yup, The New York Times (aka The New York Slimes).

According to Mike:

It's worse than that folks! Not only is the Times digging for dirt on Roberts' adopted children, not only did the Post run a distasteful column on the kids appearance, but in the dark corners of socialist hell holes they are saying much worse. I won't validate those cretins by repeating it, but suffice it say that if you said that about a liberal nominee's family there would be riots.

But hey, it's okay to throw slime at conservatives' children, isn't it?

When Rush (wrongfully) mocked Hillary's big thighs the leftys were crying "not fair!". And I agreed.

But to dig for dirt on a child is absolutely SCUMMY.