Saturday, July 30, 2005

Some Good Reads

I've been reading a lot lately and they've been pretty good books. I just finished "One Hundred People Who are Screwing Up America" by Bernie Goldberg and I agree with many of his choices. Most of the list are liberals, like the Hollywood elitists (Barbra Streisand and Sean Penn), rich fatcats like George Soros and CEO Dennis Kozlowski, MSM icons like Dan Rather and Diane Sawyer, Ivory Tower denizens like Ward Churchill and Peter Singer, and of course Washington insiders like Ted Kennedy and Al Gore.

Some of his choices startled me, like Judge Roy Moore (who Goldberg objects to for disobeying a federal court). Now I'm not a lawyer, and perhaps Goldberg is correct to say that when a lower court judge disobeys a higher court ruling then you have chaos. He calls Judge Moore a hypocrite. I find that strange. Moore was following his conscience. Would Goldberg call Moore a hypocrite if he lived in 1857 and disobeyed a court order to return Dred Scott to his owner? History would call him a hero then. I don't believe that blind obedience to a (sometimes corrupt) institution is a virtue. Well, if anyone reading this is a lawyer and can explain it to me I'm willing to listen.

Stranger still was the absence of the Clintons on the list. Maybe the author is swayed by Hilary's endeavors to appear moderate. Goldberg sounds like a social liberal, however, and that's probably why he kept them off the list.

Another good read was "Peace Kills" by PJ O'Rourke. Not a new title, but it sure gave me a few chuckles (and even guffaws), as Mr. O'Rourke often does. He manages to poke fun at the left as well as make humorous self deprecating remarks about America:

re Kosovo: "...wherever there's injustice, oppression, and suffering, America will show up six months later and bomb the country next to where it's happening." Particularly funny was the chapter on Washington D.C. demonstrations.

Speaking of demonstrations, I found this ghastly event:

Be prepared for some pretty disgusting photos... (H/T Michelle Malkin.)