Monday, July 11, 2005

Replay: It's the Jihad, Stupid!

Cal Thomas offers some insight into the fallacies of the root causes of Islamic Terrorism, perpetrated mainly by the Left and PC-Minded here.

Now it is unemployment and hopelessness among Muslims that are the root cause of terrorism. Finding jobs for them so they can drive nice cars, live in upscale flats and attend West End theaters supposedly will convert them to the British way of life.

Or maybe it is evil America that caused the terrorist attacks. If only the Americans had not invaded Iraq and dragged Britain along, perhaps Britain might have been spared the bus and tube bombings.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to bring people to their senses. Former Israeli Prime Minister (and current Cabinet minister) Benjamin Netanyahu told BBC's "Breakfast" program Sunday that Iraq and other actions by Britain and America are the consequences of terror attacks, not the cause.

Before the Iraq War, terrorism was caused by US Foreign Policy and its close relationship with Israel. Now they say it's because of the Iraq War. This switch reminds me of a scene in Schindler's List, where the sadistic Nazi Commandant is beating his Jewish maid. She asks him "Why are you beating me?" and he answers "I am beating you now because you asked me why I am beating you."

In the U.K., The Sunday Times carried a front-page story exploding the myth of a causal relationship between terrorism and poverty among Muslims. The newspaper reported on leaked Whitehall documents that show "Al-Qaeda is secretly recruiting affluent, middle-class Muslims in British universities and colleges to carry out terrorist attacks" in Britain. The targets of the "extremist recruiters" are students with "technical and professional qualifications."

These are not Muslims without a future. These are bright and educated students who, if they wished, could be productive and prosperous members of British society. But many are embracing a false theology and a god who requires them to kill "infidels."

Bingo. It's not about poverty or foreign policy or a war conducted in the Middle East. It's about a heretical religion whose false teachings are creating murderous fanatics who have no qualms about indiscriminately killing innocent men, women and children.

No amount of G8 aid to the "Palestinians," nor a resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, will pacify these current and potential killers. Even if Israel were obliterated (the goal of much of the Muslim world), the terror would continue until the entire non-Islamic world is under their control.

This is not the belief of an "Islamophobic" bigot. This is what they say in their sermons and media, teach in their schools, and believe in their hearts. It matters little that "the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not terrorists," to quote a familiar Western mantra. It matters a great deal that most terrorists are Muslims. The sooner Western leaders and Western media begin stating what is obvious to most people; the quicker the real root cause can be dealt with.

How does one deal with the "real root cause"? I'm not sure. Someone says to give them a better idea than the one they have. That's difficult to do, considering that they routinely murder their own apostates and do not allow other religions to proseltyze.

If Britain and the West are guilty of failing to adequately address the "oppression" of Muslims in Kashmir and Chechnya, do they earn points for intervening in Bosnia to protect Muslims and sending billions to the Palestinian Authority, money that went down a rat hole of corruption?

Do America and Britain win friends among Muslims for allowing them to practice their faith openly (no Muslim country offers the type of religious tolerance that Muslims enjoy in the U.S. and Britain). Why must America and Britain be held accountable for every perceived and actual slight against Muslims, but beheadings of Westerners receive little more than pro forma condemnation and are soon forgotten?

No, we don't gain friends among Muslims for our tolerance. Indeed, I suspect that they secretly scorn us for our softness and indulgence.

There will be no detente, entente or peace treaty between the forces of darkness and those of light. As much as Western politicians may wish to avoid the true root cause of this war, they do so at the peril of their citizens. This is a religious war. The terrorists understand it as such. Too many in the secular and wimpishly religious West do not.

Dark Prediction: Eventually Islamic terrorism will spiral out of control in the Western world like typhoid fever. The fact that we (and Europe) liberally allow the immigration of Muslims and cannot control their influx (and growing population), we will descend into violent chaos and then a Dictator will emerge to "cleanse" us from Islam. Internment Camps. Concentration Camps. Genocide. History repeating itself again and again. Maybe not in my lifetime. Maybe so.