Sunday, July 29, 2007


It's time to stop sitting around and complaining, folks. We have to act.

Enough is enough. We are sliding towards totalitarianism like Europe and we have to stop it in its tracks.

We march on DC. Next year. Let's plan a Million Man March. We need planners, input, and volunteers. It's still incubating, so please feel free to offer ideas.

Jihad Watch posted news of a man who was arrested for a "hate crime" by dumping the koran in a toilet at Pace University in New York. While I think he should not have destroyed public property and screwed with the college's plumbing, he SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED with committing a HATE CRIME.

Since when is putting a crucifix in urine "art", yet throwing a koran in the hopper a hate crime? How about flag burning? Why is that freedom of speech, yet opposing a hate-filled ideology not?

Lefty moonbats have always been protesting something since the 60's. Isn't it about time we REAL AMERICANS stand up for our rights? Isn't it about time that we TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY from the leftist, suicidal ideologies that have been plaguing our media, our educational system, and our government?

We have to march on DC. We have to come in droves and make a stand. We cannot afford to sit back behind our computers in comfort while our national security, our way of life and our Constitution is being destroyed.

Look at Europe. There we see the steady erosion of free speech and open debate. We can see that occurring in our nation's universities where conservatives and dissenters from the right are silenced with violence by leftist academics and students. We have college professors like Ward Churchill teaching hatred for America to impressionable students. Fortunately, his exposure and the subsequent outrage got him fired. But how many more professors like him infest our universities?

We must tell our government that we are FED UP with partisan politics and they MUST focus on the job they were hired to do: PROTECT AMERICA. We want no more ILLEGALS on our lands so we need to secure our borders NOW. We need to reform our immigration laws and the way we naturalize immigrants. We need to stop the inflow of Saudi monies to our schools and universities which subvert our nation and brainwash our kids.

I propose a date: September 27, 2008, for our march. It's a Saturday, and it marks the 221st anniversary of when the United States Constitution was presented to the states for ratification. Let's petition our Congress for a re-ratification of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Let's demand that these boobs on the beltway pay heed to our umbrage.

I propose that we present a list of grievances to our government on that day. Immigration, erosion of First Amendment rights, political correctness, multiculturalism, etc... Please feel free to help with the list. If you're a blogger, get the word out and post about this March so we can get more people involved.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We MUST take back our country. WE THE PEOPLE!