Friday, December 08, 2006

Islamic Hypocrisy

There are many facets to Islamic hypocrisy, and some bloggers have already pointed out some:

Most recently is the incident about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s failure to cover his eyes when unveiled girls danced across a stage. True, Muslim hardliners criticized him for it, but he remains President of Iran and I doubt if he’ll drop the hardball condemnation against the West’s immorality.

Another are the reports that eyewitnesses identified Mohammed Atta and other 9/11 terrorists drinking alcohol and watching girls lap dance in Florida a week before they committed their crimes.

But one blatant hypocrisy stands apart and I’ve noticed this among MANY Muslims who comment on conservative blogs and websites. And that is their attempt to justify the need for Sharia Law in the West because of the West’s immorality ONLY TO THOSE WHO OPPOSE THEM. Homosexual marriage, adultery, fornication, immodest dress, pornography, drugs are all condemned by these critics:

“Don't you want to recognize that it is God's plan that Islam is progressing all around you because you need to be discipline and punished for the crimes that you have been committing to the humanity for long enough time and now is the time for God to take care of you by the hands of the true believers representative of human dignity and justice, the Muslims?”
by well wisher. He continues:

“Remember, besides your evil acts of imperialism and Zionism, you also represent homosexualism, fornication, and adultery. Don't you remember that in your society over 60% of the children are born out of wedlock? What about alcoholism and racism? Don't you remember what had you done to the black slaves and native Indians in this land? You better fear God and fix your faith and character. Otherwise you are doomed.”

First of all, after this breathtaking display of hatred towards Jews, he goes on to condemn slavery, which is a MUSLIM trade still practiced this day in Africa by MUSLIMS. Secondly, he completely ignores the Muslim SLAUGHTER of Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and Christians THROUGHOUT history. Mote in the eye, indeed.

But my main point is this. I have seen the same criticism over and over again by Muslims concerning Western immorality. They come here on this blog and do it, and I’ve seen plenty over at Jihad Watch. What puzzles me is that why are they telling me, a CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN, about it? Why aren’t they over at the Daily Kos or the Huffington Post condemning the LIBERALS there who support those immoral behaviors?

Muslim readers: You’re barking up the wrong tree. As a CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN I oppose homosexual marriage, fornication, adultery, pornography, immodest dress and other immoralities. That’s why I and my conservative friends are lambasted by the media, academia and the Liberals in this country.

However, I don’t see you Muslims going over to the Liberals’ blogs and sites and attacking them for this. Why? Why are you not putting your money where your mouth is and going into the belly of the beast if you’re so bloody concerned about Western immorality?

I have an inkling why and I’ll tell you this:

You won’t go there because it’ll blow your cover. You won’t condemn them to their faces because THEY SERVE A PURPOSE. You see, you’re really not that concerned about Western immorality. You really don't care about homosexual marriage, porn, adultery, and other vices in this country. If you were, you would go to those who support it and criticize them. But since they are your USELESS IDIOTS you keep quiet with them. Since they are your FIFTH COLUMN you will not rock the boat and let them see you without your mask of “peace.” If you were to go there and make waves, they might wake up and join us conservatives in this war against Islam.