Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I'm so tired of politics right now. I keep on thinking of that line from the poem, "The world is too much with us..."

So I'm going to post a bit about other stuff. The snow is still here, and it's below freezing. I had cabin fever for not being able to go out for a walk because of the ice every where, but a girlfriend came and picked me up and we went back to her family's home out of town. There they had heavier snow, and much of it was still on the ground, so it wasn't icy, just snow packed, which was great.

The snow covered trees were breathtaking. I was so upset that I hadn't brought my camera, but then lo and behold, later that night, my other friend's daughter who is a freshman in college emailed me photos she took of the "winter wonderland" that is Western Washington right now. Thank you, Amy!

The weather forecast predicts possibly more snow tomorrow night, which may turn to rain later. I hope the temperature stays up so this ice will melt. Our side streets and parking lots are sheets of ice! This is certainly down coat season. Usually I can get away with a lined raincoat during the entire winter season, but now I had to dig out the heavy coat, scarves and gloves, and shoes.

Over at Mike's America we see the "Accuweather" forecast predicting dire hurricane warnings for 2006 because Pres. Bush didn't sign the Kyoto Protocol (/sarcasm) was blown out of the water. Gayle's My Republican Blog and Seth's Hard Astarboard shows data that the Antarctic ice sheet is actually growing, not shrinking as the ecochondriacs would have us believe.

Damn. These trees are just so majestic!

The brisk walk out in the pine filled air on crunching snow made us all sing Christmas carols! And it's not even December!