Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fun With Guns

I finally managed to go to the local gun club and shoot my new Ruger. I shot almost 150 rounds with that baby and I really enjoyed it. One thing I realized is that, being a righty, my left hand is quite weak. I tried to shoot the pistol with only my left hand and I couldn't squeeze the trigger hard enough (double action). Need to practice on that!

I used .38 cartridges, though some day I'll try the .357s to see how they do. I recall that Monica said that she has the same pistol, except with a four inch barrel. Mine is only 2.25 inches or so, the smallest of the SP101s. Monica, if you're still thinking about purchasing this version go right ahead. I had no problem with the recoil at all. The heft and nice rubber grip of this piece absorbed the shock well so my hand wasn't bothering me at all. It's a nice, solid machine. My shooting partner tried it and he really liked it. He's a semi-automatic sort of guy. He brought his Beretta 9mm and a new 9mm Glock. I tried the Glock and I can see the usefulness of something that can successively shoot so many rounds, but I really can't get past all those bloody empty shells flying about. What a mess.

I also went to Sportsman's Warehouse and bought a holster. I really dislike holsters for myself. They're ugly and boring. Plus I don't like to wear a belt all the time and most holsters are designed to be worn with a belt. I ended up buying a light fabric holster with a clip for the waistband of one's pants or skirt. It's not that great but if I want to participate in shooting competitions I guess I have to have one. I wish they would make more designed for women to wear... hmmm... how about designer holsters? A new market!

One of these days I will get one of the little Smith and Wesson Airweights. Internal hammer, so it won't snag when you pull it out of your purse. It's not good for target shooting, but it'll do the job if you encounter a bad guy. I heard a Smith and Wesson rep say of it: "It's meant to be used, not shot". Agreed.