Monday, October 30, 2006


From Fox News a British government report states that Global Warming could damage the world economy as badly as the two World Wars and Great Depression did.

Okay, nothing new here; the liberals have been bleating about “Global Warming” for years now. But also some unsettling news: Al Gore has been appointed by the British Government as an advisor on “climate change”. Gordon Brown, British Treasury chief, said that they hired Algore to help promote “an economy that is both pro-growth and pro-green”.

So the Labor Party is going to divert its unpopular policies on the War on Terror to a war against weather when Tony Blair steps down. Much easier to gain support from the disenchanted Liberals . In other words the European Union will start forcing its citizens to use unbleached toilet paper and eco sensitive laundry powder, among other things.

British political observers think Gore also will give Brown, who has been criticized for lacking Prime Minister Tony Blair's charisma, some much-needed star quality before he replaces Blair as head of the Labor Party government sometime next year.
Charisma? From Al Gore? Or maybe what they’re really hoping for is that they can learn from the Al Gore School of Election Fraud…