Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sacre Bleu!

In what Dhimmi Watch calls a "breathtaking apex of Dhimmitude" we see that the French have collectively kissed the asses of their Muslim population:

Last year's violence in France by "youths" responding to the deaths of two Muslim teens who were chased by the police is memorialized by a wreath and plaque unveiled at their school.

The deaths of Zyed Benna and Bouna Traore sparked three weeks of violent riots in France's poor suburbs as the young and unemployed vented their anger over what they saw as lack of opportunity and racial discrimination. The crowd gathered in silent prayer wearing t-shirts with the slogan "Dead for nothing".

Well this ought to appease them. Maybe we should have put up a statue of Rodney King in Hollywood earlier in the 90's. But then, we're not having annual riots over it, unlike the French:

Despite today's call for calm, the anger - one year on - has not abated and violence continues to erupt sporadically in France's poor suburbs.

Yup, those "youths" really are at it again, according to the AP:

CLICHY-SOUS-BOIS, France - Marauding youths torched hundreds of vehicles overnight and on Saturday in renewed violence coinciding with the first anniversary of riots that exposed a deep schism between poor North African immigrants and mainstream France.

A group of teenagers set one bus on fire Saturday in the southern French port city of Marseille, seriously wounding a passenger. Three others suffered from smoke inhalation, police said. Two other public buses and 277 vehicles around the country were burned overnight, police said.

Six police were injured and 47 people were arrested, ministry officials said. Still the Interior Ministry described the night as “relative calm,” noting that up to 100 cars are torched by youths in troubled neighborhoods on an average night.

"Relative calm"??? Sheesh, French standards for peace and calm in their towns and neighborhoods sure have plummeted since Omar moved in. Burning buses, hundreds of firebombed cars, assaulting and endangering citizens, cops hurt, and it's CALM???

The rioting was fueled by anger at France’s failure to offer equal opportunities to many minorities — especially Arabs and blacks — and France’s 5 million-strong Muslim population.

France’s trouble integrating minorities and the suburban unrest are becoming hot political issues in the campaign for next year’s presidential and parliamentary elections. The government passed an equal opportunities law this spring and has poured funds into “sensitive” areas, but disenchantment is still pervasive.

Disenchantment? All that is just DISENCHANTMENT? Holy cow, I'd be afraid to see what they're like when they are hopping mad.

So we see that the French have poured money and legislation onto the problem and they are still facing "pervasive disenchantment". Maybe throwing money and grovelling before Mo's feet isn't the right tactic for solving the problem.