Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Liberal Scrooges

I dislike stinginess. I dislike tightwads. Has anyone else had the embarrassment of going out to dinner with someone and seeing him leave a lousy tip for good service? I always end up having to supplement the tip surreptitiously, especially if the dinner was not on me.

Here’s another type of stinginess I detest. A refusal to give credit when credit is due. There’s a strange disparity between the word “liberal”, which means generous or magnanimous, and those who carry the label who are unable or unwilling to give praise or acknowledgment of a good deed.

Ever notice that? We all know that the MSM and their party affiliate is slanted towards Liberalism. We all know that they hate the military and Christians. Day after day we hear and see a barrage of criticism aimed against our troops and Christian America: “baby killers”, “intolerant”, “gay bashers”, “rapists”, “murderers”, etc… Every day they seek events to justify their position. If a group of rogue Marines rape an Iraqi woman then all Marines are painted with the same brush. If a (pseudo) Christian bombs an abortion clinic then all Christians are guilty of the same crime. This is not just stereotyping. This is hatred.

A Jesuit priest I heard in a lecture once defined love as “seeing the good in the other”. If that’s the case, then perhaps one can define hatred as “seeing the bad in the other”. And that’s all Liberals see in our military and in Christians. The MSM rarely ever reports the good news coming out of Iraq. And there’s lots. We see it posted in conservative blogs every day. We don’t ignore the bad either, but we sure don’t fixate on it. We realize that our troops are human beings. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands and wives - all part of the human family, and full of the same failings and triumphs.

Watch what liberal trolls do when they visit conservative sites. They attack, naturally, but when a post is about something good done by our troops or something beautiful about American life, they either remain silent or bring up something negative or distasteful. They cannot seem to bring themselves to just agree that Yes!, that soldier who threw himself on a grenade did something heroic and beautiful. Or Yes!, that Catholic priest who exchanged his life to save that of a Jew in a concentration camp exemplified no greater love. They just can’t. They are that mean spirited.

This is why I am no longer a Liberal. I grew up in a Democrat voting family. I was a liberal up until about ten years ago. But their hypocrisy, their negativity, their STINGINESS is what drove me from their ranks. And until they learn to be more intellectually honest and giving, they will continue to have defectors.