Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another Hoax on the Media

Zombietime provides us with an analysis which debunks the accusations that Israel intentionally bombed Red Cross ambulances - violating the Geneva Convention in a most egregious way. The AP, BBC, Time, the LA Times et al swallowed this story unquestioningly (after all it destroys Israel's moral superiority in this conflict).

You have to read the entire article to see how Zombie refuted the Lebanese claims and how this hoax was perpetrated by the media. The first photo to the right shows an ambulance hit by an Israeli missile dead center on the red cross on its roof. However, further close ups of this hole reveal much more.

Zombie notes the unpainted metal flange on the edges of the hole which are not curved inward as it would be had a missile truly struck the vehicle there. Also, note the large amount of rust on the vehicle. Now look at this photo:

See what appears on the center of the cross? An ambulance vent or siren/light used to occupy the "bombed" vehicle's hole.
Let's take a look at a vehicle which was truly hit by a missile:

And here is a photo of the interior of the allegedly bombed ambulance:

Quite a difference, isn't it? The ambulance is amazingly free of scorching and the interior is ridiculously clean for being bullseyed by a missile. The frame of the ambulance is still intact. Remarkable.

Next, let's take a look at one of the victims. Qasim Chaalan was a driver for the ambulance; here is a photo of him entering the hospital with a wounded chin. Note his ear. Looks fine, doesn't it?

However, here is another photo of him recuperating in the hospital after being admitted - and that same ear is now bandaged:

And here he is one week later looking miraculously healed - no scabs, scars or cuts:

Once again, the MSM has done its job well. For Hezbollah, that is. (H/T Michelle Malkin).