Tuesday, August 22, 2006

FOX News Reporter and Crewman Still Missing

There has not been much coverage on the kidnapping of Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig. Both men were kidnapped at gunpoint by unknown terrorists in Gaza over a week ago. Friends and families of the two men have been making statements asking for information on their status.

No word has come from the Palestinian terrorists who took these two men.

I'm posting this at the request of Michelle Malkin so that the public does not forget these two men. Let's hope that they make it home okay.


From Fox News, a video of the two kidnapped journalists have been released with demands that the US exchange Muslim prisoners for their freedom.

The video showed the two men in apparently good health, making statements which appeal for their release.

The group claiming to the crime calls themselves the Holy Jihad Brigades, and they have given the US 72 hours to comply with their request. They have not stated what the consequences would be if their demands are not met.

Hamas lawmaker, Mushi Masri, has “condemned” the kidnappings, yet blames the US for it:

"The kidnapping (of civilians) doesn't represent the Palestinian culture. The Palestinian people respect all countries of the world and takes no one as an enemy, except the Zionist enemy that occupies our land," he said.

However, Masri said the U.S. bore some responsibility for the abduction. "We hold the Zionist enemy and the American administration responsible for such acts because of their unfair policies," he said.

Well, Mr. Masri, that only demonstrates how infantile your people are. If you don't like something you throw a tantrum and violate an innocent person who happens to be standing nearby?