Sunday, May 01, 2005

What is it going to Take?

It's one thing after another. The worst is when I hear about some horrific crime committed against a child. Just now FOX News has a photo of a young pre-adolescent girl asking if anyone knows who she is. Apparently there are photos of her circulating on the web which depict horrible sexual crimes victimizing her. Some sick and demented pedophiles have her and the police are trying to find her. Some representative from an organization which tries to rescue children in these situations said that they have 50,000 children who need to be rescued from the hands of pedophile pornographers. It is staggering.

Jessica Lunsford. Carlie Brucia. Sarah Lunde. And the list goes on and on. So many children, boys and girls, have been assaulted and murdered by sex offenders and criminals who should have been in jail. Why are these judges allowing them to roam the streets? In most other jobs, if you screw up enough that it costs people's lives, you'd probably end up losing your job. Why are some of these judges, who are lenient with sex offenders, permitted to keep their seat on the bench? When are they going to be held accountable for their poor judgment? And that's what it is. A judge is supposed to have good judgment. Too many of them seem to lack that facility.

I don't care if the jails are too full. Build more jails. Put the sex offenders on a remote island or something and keep them away from society. The recitivism rate for them is astounding. They are not capable of rehabilitation, therefore they must be kept out of circulation.

Some people foolishly think that this has been going on since time immemorial. We only hear about it so much because of electronic media. False. This is an epidemic. This type of crime has grown like a cancer in Western society and has reached epidemic proportions never before seen in history.

I blame pornography and abortion. Both denigrate the value of sex and children. Now with the privacy of computers and electronic visual aids pedophiles and sex offenders can indulge themselves. They are encouraged and united with these tools... and, to borrow a phrase by Churchill, "...made more sinister and more protracted by the lights of perverted science..."

I blame secularism. When there is no more spirituality in society's life then all that remains is physical pleasure. With no God to set standards of conduct there is no morality to curb the appetites or desires. When there is no eternal Truth then man becomes sick and twisted inside, relying only upon his "relativism" to guide him.

Dostoevesky was right. He meant something sinister when he said "When God is dead, all things are possible."