Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"I Thirst"

The fight over whether Terri Schiavo lives or dies continues while we wait for the Appellate Court's trio of Judges to make a decision. Some people call it a circus, but I think those who regard it that way are just afraid to engage themselves in what could be an unprecedented case of cumulative issues:

  • For the religious and the non religious it is a stark battle between the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death.
  • When does a marriage cease to be a true marriage? Michael Schiavo has abandoned his wife and now lives with another woman with whom he has started a new family. Why is he still the guardian for a woman he no longer cares for?
  • Why should a guardian be permitted when there is obvious conflict of interest? If a guardian of a child refused lifesaving medical treatment for their ward, would the State allow that guardianship to continue?
  • Why is there no judicial regard for the desires of Terri Schiavo's blood family?
  • Does the Judicial branch decide only in legalities, and not in moralities? If so, then what is the basis for law?
  • When is it appropriate for the Legislative and Executive Branches of the Federal Government to interfere with the State?
  • If it is acceptable to starve a brain damaged woman to death based on the assumption that she has no "quality of life" then is it acceptable to do the same to the mentally retarded populace in our society?
  • Why is innocent Terri Schiavo denied the same due process of appeal in Federal Courts when convicted criminals are given that very safeguard?
  • Why is she denied medical therapy when there are some who believe that she would improve with it? Why has Michael Schiavo denied her an MRI or a PET scan?

Many of these questions are being asked and discussed among the people as well as among the talking heads on TV and radio. Some of them enrage me, like that idiot on the Abrams Report, whose almost frenzied wild-eyed demeanor demanding why we bother when the woman is practically "dead" makes me want to insert a suction cup in his mouth to remove all the foam. The Civil Rights attorney on the O'Reilly Factor was also close to hysteria as he ranted about the Feds are trying to destroy Terri's "rights". What rights is he thinking about? I wonder. The Right to Die? Oh yes, that's it! Where the **** is that in the Constitution??? Was I out to lunch having my weekly sushi when they added that amendment? Did I fall asleep once again watching C-SPAN when Congress voted on that?

Why are these people so rabid about ensuring that this woman starves and dehydrates till she dies? When I watch them, I see fear in their eyes. It's a fear of what this case has awakened. It's a realization that people are fed up with the Pharasaical turn the Judicial Branch has taken and there is change in the wind.

Christopher Reeve's quality of life was reduced when he suffered an accident which rendered him brain damaged. Why weren't they clamoring to have his plug pulled? Was it because he LOOKED better than Terri? He was a movie star, after all. He could also afford the fancy equipment and therapy to improve his circumstances. Why was he worth more than this silent woman who has not been outdoors in the sunshine for over 3 years at the decree of her guardian?

Whether or not Terri Schiavo will live or die, I think that this may galvanize the Pro Life Movement, the critics of activist judges, and the proponents of those who cannot defend themselves and who have been labeled as an inconvenience.

It seems to be no coincidence this week is Holy Week. It's the most significant religious time for Christians, many of whom are the ardent supporters of the efforts to save this woman. If she is permitted to die at the hand of activist judges and a man who stands to benefit from her death, then we will indeed be witnessing a true passion play.