Saturday, March 26, 2005

Time for Federal Marshals

Why doesn't President Bush send the Federal Marshals to Terri Schiavo's rescue?

We have a circuit court judge elected by several thousand who holds this woman captive while she starves. Doesn't a President who was elected by millions trump him?

Yes, the liberals would scream that the Constitution was being violated if President Bush intervened with force. But doesn't Terri's right to life as clearly stated by the very same Constitution override all other concerns? If there is no protection of life, what good are any other rights???

Yes, this would be a case when the Federal Government would "trample" on the State but there are precedents:

In the 1960's Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy sent Federal Marshals to Alabama to force school segregation of minority blacks, which violated State segregation laws. Did the liberals scream about that?

More recently, under Bill Clinton, a Cuban child, Elias Gonzales was forcibly removed from his home by Federal agents and returned to Cuba where his father lived. Are the liberals moaning about that?

Doesn't the LIFE of a human being take precedence over where one goes to school or with whom one lives?

It's another example of cowardice and hypocrisy in this society.

Please, President Bush, do the right thing. Send the Marshals to save Terri Schiavo and announce that her life is worth more than your political life. Say that you are willing to commit political suicide to save this woman. You will be surprised how Americans will respond if you make this sacrifice.