Friday, May 06, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven by Ridley Scott ain't worth a Diddly Squat

I haven't seen it. But I've read enough reviews to know I don't want to bother.

This is revisionism at its revoltingly worst.

According to Scott's vision:

The Christians were the ones who started the violence.
All Muslims pray with faith.
Christians don't pray; they wrestle with their agnosticism. (Yup, like there was such a word back then).
Muslims in the Holy Land lived in peace.
All Christians were blood thirsty barbarians who relished killing the "infidels".

And the bull**** goes on and on.

Actually, it wasn't the reviews which initially turned me off. It was the interviews with the director and the actors which alerted me to the fact that this was going to be a self-loathing, revisionist, bigoted, anti-Christian piece of ****.

Don't waste your money on it. Go see "Downfall" instead. At least it's truthful.

Ridley Scott, I hereby dub thee "Sir Diddly Squat".