Saturday, May 28, 2005

I Love My Neighborhood

Especially on a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon. There's not much traffic here and the roads are bumpy and uneven so you can't drive too fast, which is good.

It was the sounds I hear that make me reflect on how good it is to live here. I can hear the constant drone of bees as they flit around my thyme which is flowering. The warbling of robins join in with the humming of the bees. Occasionally a crow caws and then a murder of them begin a racket, which means that a raccoon is near their nest.

Across the lot I hear my neighbor's dog barking, which means a visitor is at the door. The barking stops suddenly when she sees who the visitor is. Someone she knows.

Up the street I hear two young children playing and occasionally squabbling. They sound healthy and happy and strong. Next door I hear my neighbor play piano. He is a classical musician. His windows are open and so are mine so wafts of Mozart drift in. It's lovely.