Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Oh That Nancy!

Looks like Nancy Pelosi got caught with her pants down while she was conducting her daily berating of Tom Delay and his unethical travel practices.

According to Townhall's Debra Saunders Nancy got in trouble herself for doing the very same thing as Tom!

As The Washington Post reported, last week Pelosi filed delinquent reports for three trips she herself accepted from outside sponsors. The biggie was a week-long 1999 trip to Taiwan, paid for by the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce. The tab for Pelosi and her husband: about $8,000.

Tch, tch... people in glass houses, you know!

Oh and while we're at it, has anyone else noticed a resemblence between Nancy and another bug-eyed brunette? Jennifer Wilbanks? Jen looks like she could have been Nancy's daughter... and perhaps follow her footsteps with a career in politics. After all, she likes to travel!