Monday, September 25, 2006

From Naseem, With Love

Naseem (aka The Pakistani Pigsty) is the Tokyo Rose of WWIII. She comments at Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch; this is her latest:

Assalamau-Laikum American Crusader,
You say "Muslims will be the majority in Russia during our lifetime and over 40% of today's Russian conscripts are of Muslim identity".
Ofcourse the situation is stacked even better for muslims that this prediction. The important statistic I think you will find is the ratio numbers of the "15 to 25" age group between the polluted Kaffur and the pure muslims.
Almost in each and every european country muslims have about a 10% (or more) positive margin of this age group over the Kaffur.
These youngersters and their childrens will form the majority of populations in Europe and the Russ too..and ofcourse will run the government/economy and the defence too.
As to feeding/education/housing etc....the infedel governments do no discrimination... muslims WILL be fed, housed and clothed thanks you very much.
In effect the Kaffur scientists of today are developing WMD for the muslim of tomorrow...all at the cost of the Kafur...Allah SWT truly works in mysterious ways.
American crusader...the 21st Centuary IS for the muslim and he shall spread the light of Islam to you too via the Koran...hopefully you will see this wonderful change in your lifetime.
As to the looks like he understands the situation very well...he knows that his future is lost to Islam....Putin and his generation want to enjoy thier life as Kafur while they can....the kids can look after themselves
...after all they will be muslim anyway.
Posted by: Naseem at September 25, 2006 10:49

And Liberals think this is a religion of peace.